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News August 2016!!!

At last I am able to manage and edit my own website! So now I can update on a monthly basis. A lot of the pages need attention... I shall tackle those as soon as progress beyond simple text like this. Meantime I want to draw a different sort of attention to my youtube channel, Chopin-Godowsky Etudes David Stanhope. All the Opus 10 Etudes are there in 12 chapters with introductions and demonstrations. Eventually this collection will also be available as a DVD. Various other items are on the channel.

I have just completed a Masters in Philosophy degree at the University of Adelaide and am now awaiting the examiners' reports. This was a composition portfolio accompanied by an exegesis (if you know what that means, I didn't). More about the compositions in a later newsletter.


The Australian Music Centre will shortly be creating an archive of all my compositions that I think worth preserving. I will put a link to that site when I work out how to do so. In future, enquiries about my music should be made to the AMC. Much thanks to John Davis, Judith Foster and James Lee. At the moment I am printing new copies of scores and parts, and look forward to scanning pdfs for the archive. Then it should be possible for all the music to be available from the AMC.


Next newsletter on September 1st - I will put an electronic reminder in my diary. Meanwhile, back to the Adobe tutorials...


David Stanhope is a free-lance conductor with wide experience in orchestral, opera, chamber and film music. He is a composer, especially for wind band, with many publications. As an instrumentalist, David Stanhope was a french horn player for many years before switching to bass trombone; he is also a virtuoso pianist.

David Stanhope and Stanhope Music may be contacted at the following email address:
dstanhope AT bigpond DOT com

Just replace the AT with @, and the DOT with ss.

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