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News August 2012

This update is LONG overdue! My apologies. I have been very busy for the last two or so years. I recently completed new piano solo CDs for Tall Poppies which will be called "Opus 10". They will contain all the 12 Chopin Studies from that opus and all the Godowsky Studies on Chopin Studies for that opus. My producer Belinda Webster also filmed the entire sessions. We hope to bring out a DVD as well, in which I present each study with a short introduction. So watch out for these sometime next year!

I have just become a convert to the Sibelius music notation program, especially because of the excellent playback facility. This means I can make mp3 files of music of mine that has never been performed. By far the most important work in this category is my opera Dracula (I have reverted to the original title, by the way - see previous newsletter). Hearing it in its full orchestration convinces me more than ever that is my best work and most important contribution to music. I hope later to add live voices in an attempt to better promote it. Other orchestral works that have never been performed are E.G.B.D.S. and Two Folk-Elegies. I consider these three works to be my very best pieces, but that is no good if they are never performed! I would be happy to send scores and/or mp3 files to anybody who thinks they could get these works played.

Not such good news on another front. My main publisher, Southern Music, has closed down and sold its catalogue to Lauren Keiser Music Publishing. What this means for the availability of my wind band and brass music in the future I cannot tell.

Finally there is another orchestral CD available from the ABC of Grainger pieces I conducted with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. I am very proud of this recording and the wonderful playing it contains. See the CD page!


David Stanhope is a free-lance conductor with wide experience in orchestral, opera, chamber and film music. He is a composer, especially for wind band, with many publications. As an instrumentalist, David Stanhope was a french horn player for many years before switching to bass trombone; he is also a virtuoso pianist.

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