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News September 2017

Endlich! Southern Music and I have finally parted company. I have updated my compositions page accordingly. Although nearly everything is listed as being at the Australian Music Centre, most is not immediately available. But I shall begin uploading the new pdfs to the AMC today, beginning with my most popular work, The Little Ripper March. Soon all my AMC works will be available for perusal or purchase or hire from the AMC website, easily found on the internet. I shall put a link to it on the links page when I can work out how to do so.

Some revisions and additions are on the compositions page; perhaps the most important is Bagatelles, a half-hour work in two versions for orchestra or concert band. The old "Tribute to Tchaikovsky" is now one of the bagatelles, also being one of the Romantic Tributes for alto saxophone and concert band. The Promenade March for orchestra is a slow version of  Promenade, with the trio section turned into a major key. It features a large brass section. Sometime I will make a concert band version.


My trip to Adelaide went well, as did the mid-year presentation. I was able to visit David Morgan in Nuriootpa on the way home to discuss his 13th symphony for the coming CD release.








David Stanhope is a free-lance conductor with wide experience in orchestral, opera, chamber and film music. He is a composer, especially for wind band, with many publications. As an instrumentalist, David Stanhope was a french horn player for many years before switching to bass trombone; he is also a virtuoso pianist.

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