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News January 2017

I have come to an agreement with Lauren Keiser Music (who own the catalogue previously possessed by Southern Music Company) whereby the copyright of all my works published by Southern Music will revert to me. The agreement is in the process of being signed by both parties and should shortly come into force. The terms of the agreement are to remain confidential.

Once the Stanhope/Southern Music relationship is terminated, new copies of all my relevant works will be deposited in the archive of the Australian Music Centre. Any enquiries regarding any work of mine should be directed to the AMC, who will be my sole representative as composer, apart from the two works published by the Hornists' Nest and one published by Novello (see composition list). I hope to update the composition and links pages of this website next month.


The Chopin and Chopin-Godowsky DVD was not ready for Xmas, but the newly-pressed stock is now ready to be collected. Tall Poppies Records will shortly make it available for purchase.


I recently received the welcome news that I have been accepted by Adelaide University for a PhD. The proposed title of the project is: Digital Orchestras: A Practical Demonstration of their Value and Relevance. I had wanted to add "in a World of Musical Decay" but that made the title a bit too long. The content will include six CDs of music previously unrecorded, about half of which will be works by myself. Other works will all be by Australian composers, living or dead. My opera Dracula will be the crowning item.





David Stanhope is a free-lance conductor with wide experience in orchestral, opera, chamber and film music. He is a composer, especially for wind band, with many publications. As an instrumentalist, David Stanhope was a french horn player for many years before switching to bass trombone; he is also a virtuoso pianist.

David Stanhope may be contacted at the following email address:
dstanhope AT bigpond DOT com

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